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STEAM Camp – March 2020

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Nope, not Steem, but it is all about Open Source and Makers!

I found out about the first round of STEAM Camps the day they started in January, because I rarely use Facebook and that is one of their main channels. Since missing the opportunity to go to that one, I have been watching for this next round and I am seriously contemplating going.

I would be happy to go as a regular participant, but I have also offered to do documentation for them, which they have publicly asked for help with. That is something I think I could be helpful with. I have some experience and all the coolest toys too.

I’m trying to go through all of the videos pertaining to the January Steam Camps to get up to speed on what is going on.


It’s not cheap on time or money.

It will be four days on-site for the event and another day of driving each way and a night in the hotel on each side as well because its an eight hour trip. The event hours are from 1pm to 10pm, so I will certainly need to stay the final night before driving home the next day. I am in no way a night person.

It’s possible I could drive up on the first day, since it starts at 1pm, but that would be really pushing it for me. I would have to leave by 4am to get there by noon, which only gives me an hour to spare and I would be going until past 10pm. I’m a whimp. I don’t know how good of an idea that is.

  • Registration: $1099.00
  • Hotel: $350
  • Travel/ Fuel: 8 hours at about 500 miles x2 for return trip. ~$200.00
  • Food: $200.00

Total: $2000.00

Stay tuned if you are interested in more about this project. I expect to have a lot of content coming up in the next month or so.

Come join our Discord server:

We will be talking about all things open, decentralized, Abolitionist and Steem.

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