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Follow Friday: Makers

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The first update.

If it’s the first, is it an update? Not really, I guess.

This is the first in what I hope is roughly a monthly series of looking for Makers on Hive. If you offer an account in the comments that I’m missing in the Makers space on Hive, You will get at least a full vote in appreciation.

Can we attract more to Hive?

Of course, we would all like to see more Makers, DIYers and others join Hive. How would we go about attracting more? I have some free accounts I’ve been collecting and would be happy to provide what I have with a small temporary delegation to get them started.

Maybe some of us that are interested in promoting this content and these people could come up with some contests or other incentives. I’m all ears and I’ll be looking to see how others are doing it. Wouldn’t it be nice if when folks come aboard, there is big welcoming community ready for them here?

Accounts to follow:

These are people that as far as I can tell are active on Hive and producing content about making stuff in the sense that I think we can call them Makers:

  • @diytube
  • @drmake
  • @freedompoint
  • @gardeningchannel
  • @ghscollective – curating homesteading content.
  • @jackdub
  • @jefpatat
  • @makerhacks
  • @makinstuff
  • @meadowsandmakers – podcast
  • @mytechtrail
  • @offgrid-online
  • @print3d
  • @projectsupercar
  • @rativiv
  • @robali123
  • @robmc
  • @rpgbuilders
  • @steemmakers
  • @svengadget
  • @techtek
  • @tibfox – creator of @diytube

Tags to search

  • #arduino
  • #craft
  • #diy
  • #ghsc
  • #homesteading
  • #howto
  • #needleworkmonday – A group dedicated to knitting, embroidery etc.
  • #printing3d
  • #tutorial

If you have any other accounts or tags to follow, or any other input, please comment below. I vote generously (so long as I don’t run out).

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