Calling all makers on Steem

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Let’s get together.

I’ve been looking around on Steem for Makers a bit lately and I just can’t seem to locate many.

Fellow Steem geeks, is there a good way to find makers on Steem, or do I just continue to manually sort through searches and people I happen upon? I don’t know if I expect to find a silver bullet for finding these folks, and maybe they just aren’t really here yet, but that is sort of hard to believe.


I see a lot of people using contests to outsource activities. It’s a new interest of mine that I almost willfully resisted until now. These days I find myself really attracted to trying all sorts of contests. It’s fun and it seems to get people riled up, which is a good thing, of course.

I’m not particularly creative and I want to be fair. The hard thing for me is coming up with a scheme I feel that is fair to anyone that is trying to help.

Any ideas of how I might do a contest to find Makers out there? I could delegate some SP as a reward. Goodness, as I’m thinking about it, I need to have a contest to figure out how to do contests.

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